I haven’t been blogging much, just busy and haven’t felt like it and sometimes I feel bad but then remember this blog is for me so I can blog when I want. I am sorry to those friends who read it and I have updates about their lives but they don’t have anything to read from me.

I’m so excited for summer! I love the beach and the water, if you need me ill be at the cottage. School is almost finished for this year….yippee!

I bought a bike off kijiji that’s in great shape and my hubby did some adjustments and put a new seat on it and he has a bike now too so I’m happy we can go for a bike ride together sometimes.
Today I rode my bike for the 3rd time and went to my sisters across the river 3.7KM!! I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s been years since I rode a bicycle and its so enjoyable that it will be a frequent thing.
Although, ill be soaking in Epsom salt bath tonight after walking 2KMs, teaching all day and that bike ride I’m ready for a bath and bed.

It feels great though and I’m excited for an active summer!



Cuba 2013

Cuba 2013

We went away to beautiful Santa Maria, Cuba for 7 nights and 8 glorious days.

It was such a nice vacation with lots of family and friends. Two of our close couple friends came, along with my sister and her partner, my parents, aunts and uncles and friends of the family.
We enjoyed the beach, going to the market, dinning, and of course the pool and swim up bar. Im still having a hard time adjusting to reality and being back to work, chores and responsibilities. ahh vacation! We are already thinking about our next trip.

Easter fun

Easter long weekend has begun and its great! Thursday my nephew arrived to stay with us for the weekend! He is such a precious gift and my heart is full of so much love for this little one.

Easter morning will be nice and relaxing watching the little one play and then we ate off to a huge family dinner with all extended family and will be having photos done. I’m excited to spend time with the family and my cousins who live out west. Happy Easter!

This is how I got ready for my nephew to visit. Made an Easter tree for his room, a first Easter card, his gifts and of course he always gets a new onsie for a sleepover. I like this one 😉


A decade of love

Ten years ago today, our friendship turned into so much more…a true love story. We started dating 10 years ago, hard to think of how much time has gone by.
We have shared in each others success and failures, been to weddings and through deaths together. Discovered ourselves and our values and so much more.
My husband of almost 2 years is truly an amazing man. When we started out as friends those years ago, I knew he was a wonderful friend, then I realized I was in love with him and that love as grown deeper every year, every day.


Random Facts

Im taking part in a little questionnaire I saw over at A Life of Our Own, who got its from this source. I thought I might as well answer the random questions. Im havign a lazy evening, I had cereal in bed and am cozy with 2 duvets while blogging.

*While eating my cereal I thought my kids will end up eating plain cheerios and rice krispies while I keep the sugar crips and golden grahams for myself haha


What were you doing 10 Years Ago?

I was in my grad year of high school and failling in love with my best friend. (who is now my husband 10 years later)

What 5 things are on your to do list?

1. make a birthday cake and deliver it Saturday morning

2. pick up little things for Cuba (2 weeks till sunshine)

3. buy Easter gifts

4. work on planning my besties’ Bachelorette party

5. order some professional books I’d like to read

What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

1. chocolate 2. cereal 3.nachoes 4.smoothies 5.granola bars

Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire

Pay off my student loan and other debt, build our house, buy a boat, go on vacation to Europe and Australia again.

Name some places you have lived

New Brunswick primarily in the same area except for when I was very little and for university

Name some bad habits you have

– wanting everything perfectly organized
-bitting my nails

Name some jobs you have had

– Teacher, program coordinator, daycare educator, community support working

Rainy days

Sometimes I enjoy these rainy days where you can go for a drive with a hot beverage and just listen and watch the rain drops falling.


Yesterday I took a leap of faith ok just a hop about my Maid of honor dress for my best friends wedding this summer but its a big freaking deal! I mean seriously I’m the MOH. I think I had a more difficult time than I did choosing my wedding gown, haha. Due to the time frame with ordering from the designing I had to get this done ASAP. It’s a gorgeous dress and I hope I will look fabulous in it(I think I will). And honestly this is the 2nd most important wedding ill ever be in. 1st one obv mine as the bride, 2nd clearly your BFF’s as the MOH. I’m so excited and I better watch my tan lines this summer.

Something to think about:
Check out this video, narrated by a 5 year old who travelled to Uganda last summer and gave up her birthday for her sponsor sister.

I’m Wondering Wednesday

Im linking up with Venassa over at A Life of Our Own for Im Wondering Wednesday with some festive questions about St. Patty’s Day. Join in and link up.
1. Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, if so how?
Not really. I have in the past wether it was a quiet night with a good friend having a few drinks or the couple of huge parties I went to. I think once I have kids we will do some fun little things like a little green people party or some rainbow leprechaun crafts.
2. What’s your favorite thing that’s green?
Right now its green smoothies! the Green monster and Tropical popeye, umm Spinach.
3. Do you believe in luck?
Yes. I believe being lucky is a feeling not soemthing material you will get.
4. If you’re a Pinterest user, have you been pinning any St. Patrick’s day food/crafts?
I dont think I did but I should for further references. Im all about Easter right now.
5. Do you like themed questions?
Ya why not.

Spring has sprung

It’s been beautiful here on the east coast of Canada but since daylight savings I have found the time change(even just the hour) hard to adjust. I’m only hungry at 7pm but I’m sure a couple days in it will be great! I love the extra hour or sunshine and how the weather starts to warm up.

As March tends to be the month for the colour green and St. Pattys day. I am trying to eat more greens.
This green monster smoothie sure makes getting those greens in easy and delicious.


Im also trying to meal plan and plan my fitness as well.
Sunday – OFF
Monday – HIIT and strenght training
Tuesday – OFF
Wednesday – Steady cardio and strenght Training
Thursday – active recovery, walking and yoga
Friday – HIIT and strenght training
Saturday – Easy cardio

Monday-salmon fillet, saute veggies and wilted spinach
Tues.- chicken wraps with veggies
Wed.-brown rice and veggie stir fry
Thurs.-roasted potatoes, green beans and smelts(my dads fav and hes coming for dinner)
Friday- plans with the hubby

What a wonderful day!

Today was one of those truly lovely days and I spent it alone. It was a relief just to do whatever I pleased. I was off today so after I sent my husband off to work, I grabbed a starbucks latte and did some shopping for our upcoming trip to Cuba and just browsing.
Had a delicious lunch, seriously, the tropical Popeye with spinach, mangoe and pineapple. This really set the stage for my day.


I took time to reflect and think about my goals and I need to prioritize things and myself to acheive them and so far I am not doing great. I have pulled back some but I am still wayyy too available to people. Its about me right now and people will have have to get used to that!

I went to the gym and had a great workout (didnt have to worry about time and rushing-it was great). I drank a lot of water. I had a healthy supper of saute veggies, wilted spinach and salmon with brown sugar and soy sauce, try it-delish. I did a yoga session tonight at home. I had a relaxing bath and read my book.
I need more days like this. I need more workouts. I need more healthy dinners.
I need less time doing what others want/need.
I need more me.