12 days ago now, I booked a trip to the Dominican Republic to visit a friend who has been doing great work down there for almost 3 years. Just 4 days after I thought “hey I should go visit” i booked it and so I’m taking my first random, go with the flow, trip.

I have been delayed by 2 days because of a massive snow storm. Now to get there I have 2 days of travelling which is no problem. I arrived early this morning in Toronto and I have had the most relaxing day, reading at a cafe, watching some TV, swimming, and going for a drink and dinner this evening. It’s incredible, who would have thought that a little away me time could be so wonderful. Well IT IS. I’m excited to get on my way tomorrow and see my friend and ahh warm weather.
But I must say I am loving this relaxing hotel day/night. What’s even better, I’m in the preferred section so it’s quiet, I have all kinds of little extras in my room and am enjoying the company of myself.

And the mini bar 😉