It’s funny that sometimes people who are putting themselves first and actively doing self care are considered selfish. Is it not more selfish to drag ourselves into doing so much for others and being pre-occupied that when we are present, we aren’t really there for our friends and family. Taking care of yourself and making yourself a priority is not selfish. I have had to tell myself this several times. Taking care of myself and doing the things I enjoy, mean that I am better able to give back and be present and have more energy when I’m with others.

I am working on self-care and recognizing what I feel deprived of/what I need more of/less of/what’s making me feel resentful.

A few things are emotional support, time to myself, companionship. I know I need to start saying no and not over committing myself and I’m working on this. I need to ask for those to be there for me.
One of those people are my sister(one of them) who lives nearby yet is so wrapped up in the glorification of being busy that she doesn’t have time for anyone. I miss her, I wish she would put some time aside to be there for me, to spend time with. I understand life is busy, mine is too! But a texting only relationship with my sister is not enough. Instead of trying to just make plans with her, I may have to just come out and ask her to be there for me.