I must be the most inconsistent blogger (not even really a blogger, more like person who has a blog and sometimes uses it). I still regularly read blogs and have my favourites list. Taking the time to write more is something I am going to strive for because I enjoy it. Whether I write here or in a journal. 

Sometimes I feel like I have been surviving, more than living my life. Its been a very difficult year at times but some amazing things and times have been had. Its important to live your life, not just go day by day surviving. To enjoy the things I like, do things for me, achieve goals and live for me!

I am so over this cold, deary weather. Usually I am okay with winter but this year I am so over it. Its making me want to lay on the couch under blankets and watch movies, which is fun sometimes but I want to do this all the time. I’m longing for sunshine on my back, blue skies, brisk walks, mild temperatures and green around me.

Instead of actually hiding under the covers after teaching all day, I have been keeping up with working out, having dinner with friends, and taking yoga classes. yay me! tomorrow evening I am going to the spa with some other teachers for must needed relaxation. Im exciting and definitely glad I am not just hiding until spring.