I am longing for beach days and summer sun with one of my besties but summer is over. She celebrated her birthday yesterday and we live apart from one another, not that far actually but far enough and with a toll bridge separating us. 

I was reminiscing some wonderful times we had together, going out to see a band play wearing fuzzy tiaras, doing a photo shot with our friends car(for some reason), cottage weekends, dollarstore and Micheals trips, going to scary movie and having to walk half way around the building in the dark deserted parking lot to the car, dinners at pizza places, watching girly movies and Friends, scrapbooking and lounging.

Our lives have changed as we have gotten older and moved to different cities and there are more responsibilities like jobs and kids in her life. I want some girly time lounging, watching movies and chatting, going to dinner and just hanging out. Hopefully soon. 🙂