I’m at such a loss in so many ways lately, it is so hard to keep going without knowing where I am going.
The teaching profession is getting worse and worse, not better! I feel like my professors lied to me about possibilities. There are just WAY too maybe of us looking for the same very few jobs. It’s been 3 years since I have graduated and while I have gained valuable work experience as a supply teaching. I am still….just a supply teacher. The love of my life and I got married a few months after my graduation but other than that I feel like our life hasn’t moved further. We are in a standstill, waiting, wishing that I will get a position but I am still….just a supply teacher. Im not sure if its time to move on to something else, to teach in a different manner but I am considering so many things and options right now. Because I want us to move forward in our lives. I don’t want to wait for when. I want the time to be now. Living for right now and moving forward.