I haven’t blogged in forever. It’s probably because we got busy with summer fun and carelessness. Enjoying the beach, sun and time with friends and family.
And then it’s because I haven’t been able to put my thoughts together and feelings. The long weekend in August forever changed our lives and ourselves, who we are.

Their was a tragic accident at the Prostock race in PEI. (My husband is on the pit crew and our summers have consisted of racing for years). We lost our best friend, our best man at our wedding, someone who was like a brother to my husband and I both. We remember that weekend so clearly and cant erase the crash we witnessed, the anxiety as we waited for medical aid, the helplessness we felt, the sirens, the cries, the tears, and the news that our beloved friend died. He was gone. Gone too quickly, too soon. He has left behind a wife and two small children. There’s a void, an empty spot in our hearts. We are both struggling through this and sometimes don’t know what to do, how to continue living our lives with part of it missing.