I’m working towards some serious goals fitness and health wise. Better the best version of myself! I am going to be a healthier, happier me. Its a struggle and I can overcome the challenges but hopefully by blogging more about my progress and life, it will help. 

This weeks fitness schedule:

Monday: brisk walking

Tuesday: HIIT (20 mins) and strength training

Wednesday: Steady cardio pace (30 mins)

Thursday: HIIT (20 mins) and strength training

Friday: Steady cardio and tempo blast (45 mins)

Sat: OFF/Active recovery *Beach Day

Sunday: walking/biking *Beach Day

There will also be some evening walks and bike rides in there too!

Next week I will be away on vacation which will interrupt things a bit but I plan on still staying active and walking lots.

Meal prepping will become more of a MUST as well, because with beach days and off to the park, might as well bring a picnic lunch right.