I haven’t been blogging much, just busy and haven’t felt like it and sometimes I feel bad but then remember this blog is for me so I can blog when I want. I am sorry to those friends who read it and I have updates about their lives but they don’t have anything to read from me.

I’m so excited for summer! I love the beach and the water, if you need me ill be at the cottage. School is almost finished for this year….yippee!

I bought a bike off kijiji that’s in great shape and my hubby did some adjustments and put a new seat on it and he has a bike now too so I’m happy we can go for a bike ride together sometimes.
Today I rode my bike for the 3rd time and went to my sisters across the river 3.7KM!! I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s been years since I rode a bicycle and its so enjoyable that it will be a frequent thing.
Although, ill be soaking in Epsom salt bath tonight after walking 2KMs, teaching all day and that bike ride I’m ready for a bath and bed.

It feels great though and I’m excited for an active summer!