Sometimes I enjoy these rainy days where you can go for a drive with a hot beverage and just listen and watch the rain drops falling.


Yesterday I took a leap of faith ok just a hop about my Maid of honor dress for my best friends wedding this summer but its a big freaking deal! I mean seriously I’m the MOH. I think I had a more difficult time than I did choosing my wedding gown, haha. Due to the time frame with ordering from the designing I had to get this done ASAP. It’s a gorgeous dress and I hope I will look fabulous in it(I think I will). And honestly this is the 2nd most important wedding ill ever be in. 1st one obv mine as the bride, 2nd clearly your BFF’s as the MOH. I’m so excited and I better watch my tan lines this summer.

Something to think about:
Check out this video, narrated by a 5 year old who travelled to Uganda last summer and gave up her birthday for her sponsor sister.