It’s been beautiful here on the east coast of Canada but since daylight savings I have found the time change(even just the hour) hard to adjust. I’m only hungry at 7pm but I’m sure a couple days in it will be great! I love the extra hour or sunshine and how the weather starts to warm up.

As March tends to be the month for the colour green and St. Pattys day. I am trying to eat more greens.
This green monster smoothie sure makes getting those greens in easy and delicious.


Im also trying to meal plan and plan my fitness as well.
Sunday – OFF
Monday – HIIT and strenght training
Tuesday – OFF
Wednesday – Steady cardio and strenght Training
Thursday – active recovery, walking and yoga
Friday – HIIT and strenght training
Saturday – Easy cardio

Monday-salmon fillet, saute veggies and wilted spinach
Tues.- chicken wraps with veggies
Wed.-brown rice and veggie stir fry
Thurs.-roasted potatoes, green beans and smelts(my dads fav and hes coming for dinner)
Friday- plans with the hubby