Today was one of those truly lovely days and I spent it alone. It was a relief just to do whatever I pleased. I was off today so after I sent my husband off to work, I grabbed a starbucks latte and did some shopping for our upcoming trip to Cuba and just browsing.
Had a delicious lunch, seriously, the tropical Popeye with spinach, mangoe and pineapple. This really set the stage for my day.


I took time to reflect and think about my goals and I need to prioritize things and myself to acheive them and so far I am not doing great. I have pulled back some but I am still wayyy too available to people. Its about me right now and people will have have to get used to that!

I went to the gym and had a great workout (didnt have to worry about time and rushing-it was great). I drank a lot of water. I had a healthy supper of saute veggies, wilted spinach and salmon with brown sugar and soy sauce, try it-delish. I did a yoga session tonight at home. I had a relaxing bath and read my book.
I need more days like this. I need more workouts. I need more healthy dinners.
I need less time doing what others want/need.
I need more me.