1. Salon products on sale! This line is amazing, I love the blow out serum. Makes drying my hair faster and leaves it silky smooth.

2. Girls nights. Sometimes you just needs to surround yourself with your best girl friends.

3. Daily pictures of my nephew, he is growing so fast.

4. Starbucks Cafe Mistos
So yummy, like a latte but made with brewed coffee instead of expresso and cheaper.

5. Shopping for Cuba! Have my bathing suits, sundresses, sandals and sun screen. I hope the next 3 1/2 weeks fly by.

6. This fancy tea cup, hilarious!
tea cup

If you are interested in taking part in “What Im Loving Right Now” please leave a comment and link to your post. Just write things that you love, material or not doesnt matter and you can do it whenever you feel like there are a few things you are loving or enjoying. I might try to start doing it regurlarly like at the end of the month or soemthing but for now, just do it whenever you have the inspiration to.