I feel like I’m just re-surfacing and so much has happened lately, some crazy and some not as much but it has been busy.

We had a (few) huge snowstorm with piles of snow! Can you see my truck beyond the snowbanks?

We had a wonderful Valentines day. I got a sweet Pandora charm from the hubby, lots of cards from loved ones and even baby nephews foot prints in the shape of a heart, how adorable!
Also made hubby breakfast in bed complete with a cross word I made with questions about us.

My nephew had a sleep over at our place and we were definitely ready for him, even had to go buy a new onsies(says uncle r.)

I fell even more in love with my husband, he is so good with kids and a great uncle.

I have gotten really excited about some of my fun lesson plans and starting a novel study. I’m a nerd.
Enjoyed 2 snow days last week(perks of the job)

I had a ridiculously long phone convo. With my bestie about life, wedding planning and completed a quiz to find out who our 90’s crush is. So much fun and brought back awesome memories.

My mom had a girls dinner party. Delicious food and fun cocktails and no appropriate photos.

This week is Winter Carnival week at school with skating, sledding, PJ day and more fun!
Psst only 4 more days until March break 🙂