Our simple life is blissfully happy! I’ve seemed to have had an epiphany or something of the sort in the last week or so and it has caused me to feel a sense of ease about everything in my life. I think a number of things contributed to this and they all just happened at the same time.

I saw this great post and it got me thinking about the soothing, calming nice sounds in life. I think many will agree with some of these.

Sounds I love hearing:
-crackling fire
-the kettle whistling
-light rain on the windows
-pitter patter of tiny feet
-paws of pets clicking on the floor
-pages of a book turning
-the hum of the dishwasher/dryer
-coffee brewing
-pen writing across paper
-sleepy yawns and good morning voices
-children giggling
-keys turning in the front door
-the school bell ringing