Some things that I’m loving right now:

1) Baths- bubble baths with calming aromatherapy oils. I recently purchased a vanilla honey and lavender bubble bath and it’s heavenly. Helps me relax and sleep too.

2) Tea- all kinds of loose leaf teas
3) My everyday lipstick loves! It’s such a great color and lasts quite awhile.

4) my staple look of a lululemon headband with my hair back in a ponytail. When I’m not teaching its the perfect look for me.
5) Magazines! Any and all of them, haha. I got out of reading magazines but I picked up one the other day and my subscriptions are in the mail. My sister and I are smart and she ordered different magazines from me so we can swap them. Saving $


Some goals for this week:
1) drink 1.5 liters of wine I mean water a day. Need more H2O.
2) meal planning and prep!
Have this weeks supper meals planned out.
3) yoga 2X this week among other workouts of course