I’m having one of those days. You know the ones….where you over-slept, plans got switched up, you worry too much about everything and you drop your fresh baked salmon on the floor.

Yup one of those days. In all honesty my day wasnt too bad when I was babysitting two little munchkins who are so adorable. Well that only made me desperately want children of my own now, or yesterday!

Anyway I’m re-grouping my frustrated self(I was really looking forward to salmon for supper) by taking a timeout. I think it’s important for adults to remember to take a time out and the best part is no one puts you on time out but yourself. Sometimes you need a time out to relax, take a breath, gather yourself so you can come back to your life feeling better. I’m taking a time out with some magazines and a nice bath and then I’ll make some tea and get back to the work I planned to do this morning.