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Im really looking forward to this year! For many reasons but there is something about a new year, a re-newing feeling like a fresh start or a new beginning, a chance to turn over a new leaf. Lots of things will be happening this year and I am excited to start this year off right. People often set resolutions for the New Year, I think its important to have goals and aspirations at anytime of the year. When setting goals I think its important to be specific and have a timeline and a method/steps to acheive it.

My goals:

Be more confident

Read more-because i really enjoy reading and it relaxes me. I joined a book club to help with this goal.

Develop a good bedtime routine– I need a better routine so Im not laying awake forever and tosing and turning. Streching, doing evening yoga, reading or listening to relaxation music are all things that I will be incoporating into my bedtime routine.

Taking more Yoga classes– I absolutely love yoga and the feeling of being energized and rejuvenated after a session. I really want to increase my flexibility so Ill be doing yoga videos at home and going to weekly classes. There is a new release coming out in a couple weeks for the Bodyflow class I love and Im looking forward to starting it and then mastering the moves by the end of the release.

Drinking more water– which is particularly hard during these cold winter months when I want to drink more coffee and tea. I have commited to increasing my water intake. I have started to carry a water bottle with me and this has already helped.

More tea and less coffee- I enjoy tea and really want to start drinking more herbal teas, green tea especially.

More veggies – Im going to build some meals all around veggies each week to consume more of the good stuff.

Lose Weight – I have quite a bit of weight to lose but my focus right now is 20lbs by the end of March. I think this is more than manageable and realistic. And by following the other goals I set like eating better and exercising more.

My biggest lifetime goal is to become a happier healthier person! Living my life for myself on my terms and so far thats going great. Im looking forward to the future, mine looks bright 🙂

Have any new goals right now? Health realted or others?