I feel like I’m waiting to be healthy, get healthy but there are things we can all do everyday that make us healthy, physically, emotionally, mentally. I do believe it’s all those little things that add up to something amazing – a fun healthy life!
Im not “waiting” to be healthy exactly, I do things daily to be healthier but I am hoping to get over my sickness. I have been sick for almost 1 month. This pass couple weeks it has effected my workouts because I are trouble breathing when I start exercising hard and strong in a class or on the elliptical. I had a cold which turned into a bacterial respiratory infection and after strong antibiotics there is still something going on. I feel like I any get ahead here. I fell okay most of the time but there is a steady cough and still something wrong. I’m at the hospital now waiting forum chest X-ray so my doctor can figure this out. I just changed into the dreaded Johnny shirts, I actually put 2 on because those babies are quite thin.

For now im staying positive and enjoying holiday festivities!