I was off today and went to a friends for coffee and snuggles with her babies, one is almost a month old and the other is 18 months and normally doesnt stay still but loves to read books with Auntie so we read and then he snuggled in and went to sleep on me, how precious! You’ll hear alot about all the little ones in my life if you stick around 🙂

 Then I came home for lunch, chat with my hubby (who was done school for the day) and headed straight to the gym before changing my mind because of all the other things I have to do. And I discovered something today, I love working out! I know right? But I really do enjoy getting my sweat one and it feels empowering after a good workout. This feel good feeling has stayed with me all day and Im sure will make it easier to return. I also want to schedule in workouts or classes I am taking to become more accountable.

I only have myself to be accountable too but that should be the biggest thing! I dont have any workout pals. There are women I know from school who I see at the gym but would not work out with them, ever (think mean girls…yup thats them). Other friends “dont have the time” even though they may have a gym membership or not, I would love a walking partner, someone who I could really count on. Trust me I can only imagine what life with kids and a job would be like. Lucky for me, my time is still completely my own. I am totally okay with this after thinking about it today. I am my own workout partner, I dont need anyone else because Im not doing this for anyone else. The encouragement and support would be great but I get that from my hubby.

So it is my time, at my pace, what I want to do, sounds pretty good to me.