How am I going to lose the weight and become a healthier, happier me?

I plan to take things in moderation, improve my diet by eating whole good foods, lots of fruit and veggies, lean proteins and whole grains. I started tracking my calories and will continue with this, I find it easy to do and helps to keep on track. It also made me realize I drink too many calories so I have to cut back and drink lots of water.

I really need to find a groove/routine with exercise that will really work for me. I have tried to run but need a more concrete plan to stick to it because its hard and I suck, but I really want to get into it even if it takes awhile. Im ready to do the work. So there’s where the Running room learn to run plan comes in! I also need to schedule gym times and classes like appointments because I find I will end up missing a workout because a friend wants to hang out or needs a sitter. *This is where the NO I am learning to say will come in handy.

So thats how I plan to drop the weight and improve my activity level. I love going for evening walks too but find the couch calling my name after a long day but we live in a great place to go for walks and even have a trail to the dog park.

Whats my motivation? Well I wanna look good and feel good but its more than that. Its about the type of life I want to live, about being able to run and keep up with our future children. Its about being confident when I walk into a meeting and feeling good about myself. I also have some motivation because I am in my sisters wedding in Cuba in 5 months time and the MOH in my best friends wedding next August, like 8 months away – the clock is ticking not just on years of my life but for these special events.

So here we go…