I’m on vacay!!

12 days ago now, I booked a trip to the Dominican Republic to visit a friend who has been doing great work down there for almost 3 years. Just 4 days after I thought “hey I should go visit” i booked it and so I’m taking my first random, go with the flow, trip.

I have been delayed by 2 days because of a massive snow storm. Now to get there I have 2 days of travelling which is no problem. I arrived early this morning in Toronto and I have had the most relaxing day, reading at a cafe, watching some TV, swimming, and going for a drink and dinner this evening. It’s incredible, who would have thought that a little away me time could be so wonderful. Well IT IS. I’m excited to get on my way tomorrow and see my friend and ahh warm weather.
But I must say I am loving this relaxing hotel day/night. What’s even better, I’m in the preferred section so it’s quiet, I have all kinds of little extras in my room and am enjoying the company of myself.

And the mini bar 😉



Self Care



It’s funny that sometimes people who are putting themselves first and actively doing self care are considered selfish. Is it not more selfish to drag ourselves into doing so much for others and being pre-occupied that when we are present, we aren’t really there for our friends and family. Taking care of yourself and making yourself a priority is not selfish. I have had to tell myself this several times. Taking care of myself and doing the things I enjoy, mean that I am better able to give back and be present and have more energy when I’m with others.

I am working on self-care and recognizing what I feel deprived of/what I need more of/less of/what’s making me feel resentful.

A few things are emotional support, time to myself, companionship. I know I need to start saying no and not over committing myself and I’m working on this. I need to ask for those to be there for me.
One of those people are my sister(one of them) who lives nearby yet is so wrapped up in the glorification of being busy that she doesn’t have time for anyone. I miss her, I wish she would put some time aside to be there for me, to spend time with. I understand life is busy, mine is too! But a texting only relationship with my sister is not enough. Instead of trying to just make plans with her, I may have to just come out and ask her to be there for me.


Looking up

This week looks like it will be shaping up to be a great one.
Did some menu planning and already have some meals prepared and we are having our nephews over for dinner one night.
I have my workouts all schedule which I’m very happy about and really think it will help with checking it off and setting it like an apt.
Have a great week!

Im backkk

I must be the most inconsistent blogger (not even really a blogger, more like person who has a blog and sometimes uses it). I still regularly read blogs and have my favourites list. Taking the time to write more is something I am going to strive for because I enjoy it. Whether I write here or in a journal. 

Sometimes I feel like I have been surviving, more than living my life. Its been a very difficult year at times but some amazing things and times have been had. Its important to live your life, not just go day by day surviving. To enjoy the things I like, do things for me, achieve goals and live for me!

I am so over this cold, deary weather. Usually I am okay with winter but this year I am so over it. Its making me want to lay on the couch under blankets and watch movies, which is fun sometimes but I want to do this all the time. I’m longing for sunshine on my back, blue skies, brisk walks, mild temperatures and green around me.

Instead of actually hiding under the covers after teaching all day, I have been keeping up with working out, having dinner with friends, and taking yoga classes. yay me! tomorrow evening I am going to the spa with some other teachers for must needed relaxation. Im exciting and definitely glad I am not just hiding until spring. 


Last week didn’t go according to plan. Sometimes I wonder why even plan but its good have an idea of what you want and goals or desires.
I want to live for me, on my terms. So this week I will be doing whatever I want, when I want. That will include some baking, fitness, relaxing to fight this sickness and planning for the future, along with Trick or treating and a birthday party.
You can find me, being me, doing things for me 🙂

This Week=Own it

I’m exciting for this week full of fun and fitness. It’s been a struggle getting into a consistent fitness routine. I have fun social plans too, bonus. It’s so hard to get people to do things other than on the couch.

Sunday-OFF and nap

Monday-steady state(elliptical) and arms
Going out to Ales and Apps!

Tuesday- stretch session and Kirpalu yoga

Wednesday- tempo workout and full body strength

Hosting a Halloween dinner!

Friday- Steady state/arms/core
Dinner plans and Haunted corn maze! Eek

Saturday-Tempo and full body
Coffee date and Birthday party setup

Girl Time



I am longing for beach days and summer sun with one of my besties but summer is over. She celebrated her birthday yesterday and we live apart from one another, not that far actually but far enough and with a toll bridge separating us. 

I was reminiscing some wonderful times we had together, going out to see a band play wearing fuzzy tiaras, doing a photo shot with our friends car(for some reason), cottage weekends, dollarstore and Micheals trips, going to scary movie and having to walk half way around the building in the dark deserted parking lot to the car, dinners at pizza places, watching girly movies and Friends, scrapbooking and lounging.

Our lives have changed as we have gotten older and moved to different cities and there are more responsibilities like jobs and kids in her life. I want some girly time lounging, watching movies and chatting, going to dinner and just hanging out. Hopefully soon. 🙂

Moving forward

I’m at such a loss in so many ways lately, it is so hard to keep going without knowing where I am going.
The teaching profession is getting worse and worse, not better! I feel like my professors lied to me about possibilities. There are just WAY too maybe of us looking for the same very few jobs. It’s been 3 years since I have graduated and while I have gained valuable work experience as a supply teaching. I am still….just a supply teacher. The love of my life and I got married a few months after my graduation but other than that I feel like our life hasn’t moved further. We are in a standstill, waiting, wishing that I will get a position but I am still….just a supply teacher. Im not sure if its time to move on to something else, to teach in a different manner but I am considering so many things and options right now. Because I want us to move forward in our lives. I don’t want to wait for when. I want the time to be now. Living for right now and moving forward.


I haven’t blogged in forever. It’s probably because we got busy with summer fun and carelessness. Enjoying the beach, sun and time with friends and family.
And then it’s because I haven’t been able to put my thoughts together and feelings. The long weekend in August forever changed our lives and ourselves, who we are.

Their was a tragic accident at the Prostock race in PEI. (My husband is on the pit crew and our summers have consisted of racing for years). We lost our best friend, our best man at our wedding, someone who was like a brother to my husband and I both. We remember that weekend so clearly and cant erase the crash we witnessed, the anxiety as we waited for medical aid, the helplessness we felt, the sirens, the cries, the tears, and the news that our beloved friend died. He was gone. Gone too quickly, too soon. He has left behind a wife and two small children. There’s a void, an empty spot in our hearts. We are both struggling through this and sometimes don’t know what to do, how to continue living our lives with part of it missing.

Keeping on track

I’m working towards some serious goals fitness and health wise. Better the best version of myself! I am going to be a healthier, happier me. Its a struggle and I can overcome the challenges but hopefully by blogging more about my progress and life, it will help. 

This weeks fitness schedule:

Monday: brisk walking

Tuesday: HIIT (20 mins) and strength training

Wednesday: Steady cardio pace (30 mins)

Thursday: HIIT (20 mins) and strength training

Friday: Steady cardio and tempo blast (45 mins)

Sat: OFF/Active recovery *Beach Day

Sunday: walking/biking *Beach Day

There will also be some evening walks and bike rides in there too!

Next week I will be away on vacation which will interrupt things a bit but I plan on still staying active and walking lots.

Meal prepping will become more of a MUST as well, because with beach days and off to the park, might as well bring a picnic lunch right.